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Podcast on what challenges marketing companies are faced with as an industry in an ever changing world.

    • Pauline Baker X factor from Ringmaster MarketingHow can we all get the ‘X’ factor?
      In Marketing
      I spend a lot of my time looking at weblogs, videos and articles from public speakers on marketing with a view to constant learning, but in reality they are - on the whole - telling me all the things I already know, and I am wondering how come they are making their fortunes talking about it, while the rest of us are making a living actually doing it. So here's my tips... READ ON
    • Instagram selfie Ringmaster MarketingIt’s all about the (life) style!
      In Marketing
      The emerging trends in advertising at the moment means we have seen a move away from bleating about "great customer service" and "top quality products" and much more into a subliminal (or not) message around lifestyle and the impact buying this product or service will have on you, your family, your time (WeBuyAnyCar have hit the nail on the head) - and status. CLICK HERE to see the video.
    • Networking Ringmaster MarketingNetworking – the perils, pitfalls and privileges of finding a great group
      In Marketing, Networking
      As someone who is ultra-confident sitting in a small setting and talking about things that are important to me - family, work, ambitions, friendships - walking into a room full of strangers (strangers to me but all whom seem to know each other!) and being expected to just casually walk up to one of these beings and start a conversation, is terrifying. However, I think I've found the secret...READ ON
    • Why it is so important to understanding your Customers’ Journey and Experience
      In Marketing
      As a consumer, there's nothing more frustrating than once you've made your purchase either (a) being forgotten about for all eternity, (b) being bombarded with more sales promotions straight away, or (c) feeling like the company just wants as much from you as possible - without any understanding of what you need or want. READ MORE