As part of your brand and marketing channel mix, it is worth looking at advertising opportunities at both a local and national level and to allocate some of your annual budget to that. Depending on what you are selling will determine whether you should be looking at local press (papers and magazines), consumer press (lifestyle magazines) or trade press (industry papers and magazines). Again, it’s about identifying your target audience and where they may see you. A local restaurant could consider taking a regular spot on a town newspaper – which will increase awareness and help with recall – but a manufacturer will need to be in trade publications reaching their buyers.

But beware, wherever you consider advertising, you need to barter!  All papers and publications have a rate card for advertising space, which can be for column inches, quarter/half/full page, near front or back, covers, b&w or colour etc. The more prominent the space and location the more expensive it is. But always barter for a more affordable rate. Tell the publication you are working to a budget of £xx and see what they can do.  Another tip is to look at their copy deadlines (the last day before it goes to print) and call up for last-minute space availability. Sometimes you can get a bargain as they want to fill the space urgently.


You can also consider “advertorials” which is a combination of an editorial piece running with an advert below/alongside. As part of your PR activity contact editors with an interesting article/angle and then discuss options.

Press & Magazine advertising

With more and more companies only working on digital platforms, there is an opportunity to get right into peoples’ homes and have more stand-out via traditional advertising. And when thinking about papers or magazines go for periodicals (weekly/monthly) as they tend to hang around on coffee tables for longer than a daily paper which is in the recycling by tomorrow!

If budgets are tight then consider the ROI of all your advertising routes and see which one will give the greater return in the long run.

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