Monitoring & reporting

Monitoring & reporting

At Ringmaster Marketing we can help with analysing and reporting on your marketing activity across all channels, using the data you have collected and contact history, as well as in-platform tools such as Google or Facebook Analytics.

We are able to drill down into the detail giving you valuable insights into the demographics of your customers and enquirers, when and where they reach you, what preferences they have shown, and from this build a database of future activity and segmenting.

Knowledge is power – analytics are key

This goes for SEO too, it’s not enough to just run SEO tracking at launch of a website, but it needs continuous monitoring and updating – especially at the providers change their algorithms which means something that once featured high may now be ranked lower.

With the new GDPR rules we can also set up ways of collecting consent at different stages to ensure you are compliant going forward.

Continuous reporting and analysing will help your business grow in a cost-effective and structured way.

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