Back to basics: why review your marketing strategy?

marketing review

Sometimes, taking a time out to review your marketing strategy can steer you in a more prosperous direction. It can help you identify inconsistencies, increase your visibility in the marketplace and reveal missed opportunities – not to mention bring in more leads. That is why the start of a new year is the perfect time to take stock and look at how you can improve your marketing mix, including your messaging and goals.

If 2019 was a year of missed targets or disappointing growth, a review is what will be required to increase lead generation and attract new business. You may feel your marketing was successful but needs a change of direction for the year ahead. Going back to basics will offer you an overview of what your strategy needs to really resonate with your audience in 2020. Here’s what may need re-thinking…

Are your goals achievable?

What are your priorities for this year? Do your goals reflect what you want to achieve? If you have got too many goals in your marketing plan, consider losing a few and retaining only the ones that best reflect your aspirations. By keeping your goals simple, you can tweak your marketing plan to achieve more targets.

Is your audience changing?

By reviewing who your clients are, you can spot patterns and adjust your marketing to meet even subtle changes in your target market. Always having a handle on shifts in the marketplace will give context to who your customers really are. Having this type of insight won’t just drive more sales, it will help you improve the customer experience.

Getting your messaging spot on

To rise above your competitors, your messaging needs to slice through all the noise to really engage your audience and make people trust you. Look at your current key messages and ask yourself if they stand out from the crowd. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Do your messages really meet the needs of your target market? If you are not sure, get some expert advice. Having the wrong messaging can significantly impact sales and dent the authenticity of your brand.

Is your brand consistent?

Your audience will lose sight of what you stand for if your brand is not consistent across all channels. This means ensuring your website accurately reflects what you do and the same online properties, including content, being used across all platforms. Make sure your social media profiles match what you say about your brand on your website. Concerned there is a disconnect? Ask a marketing professional to take a look.

Website performance and online visibility

If your website was developed some time ago, you may need to freshen it up to reflect any changes in your business. Does your branding still hit the spot? Are there any processes you could automate to improve the customer journey? Does the site visually reflect your position in the marketplace? What are page loading speeds? Your website is your shop window – make sure it engages your audience and delivers a seamless experience. Review your SEO as well as the design to increase your visibility online.

Time to try something new?

If you have sunk a big part of your budget into pay per click or social marketing, you may want to review the results of those campaigns. Poor results will indicate weak targeting, inconsistent messaging or a need to divert some of that spend to other types of advertising.

A review of your marketing activity will help you refine everything from your content to budget allocation. It will ensure you get the frequency of your campaigns more in tune with your audience’s expectations and improve the overall success rate of marketing across the board.

Back to basics marketing review

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