Benefits of using a Marketing Agency rather than recruiting?


One of the reasons I set up my marketing agency was that more and more of my colleagues and friends who ran businesses complained about the recruitment process – the time and effort it takes to write and place an ad, sift through the cvs, plan and execute the interviews.. then waiting for notice periods to pass.. and so on – they wanted someone who could start tomorrow, hit the ground running and deliver their campaigns within a set time-frame. They had no time to lose.


So I spoke with a number of local businesses to see if they were facing the same issues and there was a common theme. They didn’t necessarily need a marketing team 24/7. They needed someone who could dip in and out to support them when THEY needed it.

They also wanted one point of contact rather than having to deal with strategists, planners, designers, printers, fulfilment houses, and postal services. And someone with proven experience who wouldn’t get stale with ideas (which can happen in design).

Ringmaster Marketing, Strategy, Planning, Delivery

So that’s where Ringmaster Marketing was born.

We specialise in strategy, planning and delivery, and work with different size businesses in many different arenas, from finance to leisure, manufacturing and education. All with different needs, audiences, targets and assets.

How does it work?

An initial meeting with the company to understand what they want (or think they want – we can help guide on that too!) allows us to work up a proposal, costs and timeline to suit. We then manage that process from end-to-end. Most of the work is conducted in-house, but where we don’t or can’t provide a service (ie printing) we have a solid source of suppliers who we work with on a regular basis to get quality and efficient result. And the customer just has to deal with one person. So saving time and effort (and worry) knowing the job is being managed for them.

Client introduction meeting

And once its completed, we say farewell for now and wait for the call the next time they need us. For some thats on a rolling basis, and for others monthly or quarterly.

We review the work we have done and provide analytics to show the success and learnings from any given piece of work.


Cuts down on recruitment process .

No overheads (pension, holiday & sick pay, PAYE) as we take that responsibility on.

Available immediately.

Experienced and professional service.

Work to your deadline & budget.

Common understanding of arrangement.

No obligation.

Can call on us as and when you need us.

If you have been thinking about reviewing your current marketing activity, or maybe are just starting up and need some interim support, then please give me a call and I can pop over and meet for an initial informal chat and see how we go from there. What do you have to lose? I’ll even buy the coffee!

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and to get to know you and your business.

Pauline Baker

07508 467866

Thank you