Brand image & identity

Brand image & identity

When starting or reviewing your business it’s important to look at your brand name (does it reflect what or who you are and can you get the Domain Name you want), brand image (logo, fonts, colours etc) and brand identity (what people think of you) and to see if these are clear, strong and meeting consumer and internal expectations. Is your image easily recognisable and does your identity promote a respected and knowledgeable service or product range? Look at brands that you aspire to and see what they do well and if you can emulate that. Think about what you offer over and above your competitors and how you can gain stand-out in your market.

Brand starts from within, so it is equally important to ensure that all staff, management and suppliers understand what your brand stands for and that they are all actively promoting that ethos, culture or belief.

A rise in brand awareness can be achieved through PR, advertising, traditional and social media but also through customer experience and word of mouth. So thinking about each touch-point you have with consumers, suppliers and business partners – does your brand emit through all these veins?

Testing via research can help to ascertain salience and recall – look at running a feedback questionnaire prompting answers to the key areas you want to improve on.

Ringmaster Marketing can work with you to fully understand your brand, write a Brand Strategy and then design a logo that can be used across print and digital media, in full colour or black and white and output all the necessary files for you to use with your network of suppliers and for all media channels. We can also show you how this can roll out onto stationery, literature, social media and advertising, See our section on Graphic Design for more details.

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