Content Management

Content management

Your website can be built in different format & codes, one being “content managed”. A CMS website enables updates and changes to be made to the site at any time. Many companies need the content management to be handled in-house once it has gone live, so at Ringmaster Marketing we can build the CMS website and train key staff in how to do this. These updates may include changes to products and services as they develop, or it could be blogs, videos, photography, testimonials, examples of work, staff news etc. Content should always be relevant, unique and authoritative. It should be written with the reader/customer in mind (so not just about we..we..we) giving them information they can in turn use in their business and also to see you as an expert in your field. Having a CMS site doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design – themed sites are available off the shelf but we can also design a bespoke site for your business.

Ringmaster Marketing can help with ideas for content for your website and your social media, and help with copy writing and proofreading too. It is always a good idea to have a Content Plan – like a diary – to have a series of updates/articles/blogs etc, which can be pre-written at any time ready to go. A restaurant for example will have regular updates about their changing menus, sustainability, dish of the week etc, whereas a financial services company may only want to share industry and regulatory news and focus on accountancy and budget year end dates. So it will vary depending on what and how much you have to say. But don’t keep churning out poorer quality content just for the sake of it.

Once written, some of these articles can by utilised across your social media platforms too but try not to fall into the trap of simply cut & pasting all articles across all channels otherwise readers and visitors will get bored. Each channel has its own purpose, so make sure you write for the readers benefit, use the appropriate tone of voice and use a good mix of interesting photography, videos and animations.

And remember, all your staff are a great source of ideas and content so ask them to write some too!

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