Copywriting Services

Copywriting Services

Whether you need copywriting for a full corporate brochure, an emotive direct mail pack, some social or web content or just a few key strap-lines Ringmaster Marketing can help. We would work with you to fully understand your messaging, audience, purpose and channel and then can write something accordingly. We take on board your business and the people you are trying to reach, look at your normal tone of voice, use and pitch of language, and emulate that in what we do, all within your Brand Guidelines. If you have sites you like and want to take a steer from them then let us know.

We normally look at what our clients are using currently and what is working for them, and alongside that will look at key competitors to be mindful of what others are saying, before starting the writing process.  Once we are ready to start we shall draft a first pass for comment/approval before making the final updates.  We would normally compile a production schedule to allow for each of the stages of internal approval, and allow for two sets of authors amends. We find this helps focus the mind and prevents too many or conflicting changes.  We shall also consider SEO when writing web copy, and how brochure content can be utilised in social posts too. If you have a strong message or offer you can use it in many forms, but that must be balanced with unique and relevant content elsewhere in your arsenal. Remember the 80:20 rule, only 20% of your content should be selling, the majority should be Educate: Inform: Entertain.

If you already have someone who writes your copy for you, we can be used as a sounding board for fresh ideas, proofreading and editing – whatever suits your needs.

When writing copy for different mediums, if you subsequently need some images or video to support the copy we can source that for you too.

Call us today on 07508 467866 or email us here to arrange an appointment for us to come and start your brand and content journey.