Cross-sell & up-sell

Cross-sell & up-sell

As part of your Customer Journey planning, you should be able to see when the optimum time is to try and cross-sell and up-sell more to your existing customers. What else do you have to offer and do you think they want or need more?

That’s where we come in .See our article on Why it is important to understand your customer journey.

Cross-sell and Up-sell
Identify Cross-sell and Up-sell opportunities

We would look at your products or services and see where you can ‘add value’ by providing more. A Financial Services company who has helped with a Pension, can cross sell investments, tax planning, will writing etc. A clothing company can add a belt or bag to an outfit just purchased, or a concert goer who just enjoyed one artist could well be interested in another in a similar genre.  On-line retailers are good at noting what you have searched for or purchased and in making upsell recommendations.



So there are many ways that you can cross-sell and up-sell – but you need to understand when, and how. Can you offer a special price if purchased together? Are seasons going to play a factor, and what about recommendations – maybe you could consider a member-get-member scheme? Who better to be an advocate for your company than a happy customer?

Let us work with you to see where you can maximise your selling potential within your customer base. And if your database is capturing contact and purchasing history BINGO! You can use that to your advantage. Tailored messages such as “We noticed you recently purchased a … did you know we can also offer xxx?”

You need to work out your Lifetime Value of any given customer and that can be your aim for all future targets. If you know your average customer of spending a total of £300 or £3000 per year with you then that’s your target across the board.

Keep all purchase and contact history to build a picture of how, when and what frequency customers are interacting with you and that’s your cross sell/up sell opportunities marked.

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