Data management & segmentation

Data Management & Segmentation

All good businesses capture and maintain an extensive database, be that of customers, enquirers, suppliers, distributers and so on, and that data is the richest source of information and potential new business you can have at your fingertips. But how and when you use it can be the difference between just keeping a steady contact and growing your business year on year!

At Ringmaster Marketing we can work with you to see how you can make the most of that database. Together we can look at key touchpoints, buying patterns, customer journey, lifetime values and prepare a strategy plan on when and how to contact them.  We would look at channel preference, segmenting and testing headlines, content, photography, tone of voice and call to action, all broken down further by demographics, age, gender, location, socioeconomic groupings, tenure, buying price-point etc. to make sure you are contacting them with the right offer at the right time at the right price. Get it wrong and it’s a complete waste of effort. A blanket approach will have a considerable lower response rate and is a missed opportunity. So, do the analysis, segment and then run some test activity across a small volume. Once you have seen what is pulling the best responses, you can roll-out to the next batch, then analyse again and so on. Test, Learn, Refine: the data manager’s mantra.

This applies to all outward contacts, whether this is for email campaigns, print such as Direct Mail or social media. Know your audience and target your tailored message directly at them.

Data segmentation

Data segmentation – know your audience


Under the new GDPR rules you need to ensure you have clear processes and practices in place for capturing, storing and using data – either as a Data Controller or Data Administrator – and there is a lot of information and suggested ‘Process Templates’ on-line that you can use.  The key thing to remember is, if challenged, can you show you have a process in place?

All and any data that Ringmaster Marketing or our suppliers view or handle is treated in the strictest of confidence and we are happy to sign any DPA or confidentiality agreements if required.

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