Direct mail & door drops

Direct mail & door drops

Used less and less these days for mainstream communications in light of the cost per item and green awareness for recycling and sustainability, it is understandable why companies chose to use more affordable and wider reaching forms of communication. However, for a specifically targeted audience, or for mailing your own database then direct mail still has its place. Charities, Financial Services, Utilities and Service providers are still contacting their customers/donors/service users in this way – for servicing and selling – so at Ringmaster Marketing we can help you identify where direct mail can compliment your marketing mix, and manage all aspects of producing and mailing a direct mail or door drop campaign:

We can also set up a returns service for logging undelivered mail and feedback any DO No Mail requests.

And for a more blanket approach there is Door Drops where the mail is sent via Royal Mail postcodes normally addressed to Home Owner or Occupier. This can work for local businesses, fast food outlets, home maintenance and selling as it is in a captured area and companies mailing you this way will assume you have some knowledge of the local suppliers and they are trying to get your attention. Postcards have become a format of choice as they are cheaper and can be seen immediately without the old ‘straight to bin’ adage where mail didn’t even get opened.

If you would like to use DM or Door Drops then contact us and we can discuss the logistics before getting more detailed quotes for you.

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