Email Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

When looking at our marketing mix, email is a really easy and cheap option – but it is only going to be effective if it is used correctly, We all get inundated with emails every day, so any email must be highly targeted, have a great catchy title and hold content and images that are useful, interesting and relevant. Otherwise the recipient is soon going to get turned off and your open rate will be effected – which in turn can impact the relationship you have with your email provider.

For easy to manage email campaigns

MailChimp is a common tool, and for low level usage it is ideal as it is easy to load your data, can segment into different audiences, can track and report for each email sent, and has many different design template options to choose from. But if you don’t have subscriber consent, or start ‘spamming’ at will, then the bounce and open rates will be flagged up to the MailChimp teams and they will stop your ability to use their tool as it impacts their reputation too.

Some other service providers include:

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Emails can be used as part of your brand strategy and part of a wider mix of communications, as a warm-up or follow-up to other activity, and can help with brand awareness and relationship building.  But try not to get too ambitious and think that you will reach every recipient every time, or that people will act on it immediately, but do think about using it for capturing more data, or driving traffic to other parts of your business.

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