How can my business make the most impact with our marketing campaigns?

Why ‘Joined up thinking’ is not just a buzzword

When planning your marketing campaigns, its right to think about your target audience, offer and messaging and merrily go off and create a beautiful campaign, But what happens if all the other channel teams are doing the same thing – it’s going to get really muddling out there for consumers.

That’s why cross-party planning is vital. Within your organisation It’s essential that a project group represented by each channel marketing team looks at which campaigns are being launched and when.

Is the Marketing Team talking to the PR Team, and are they engaging with your e-biz Team? What offers, prices, messages and call to action is being asked of us? And then there’s the brand guidelines, tone of voice and use of imagery. Did the person ordering the posters for next month’s event mention to the Internal Communications Team to promote it internally too? And how about the Inbound Customer Services Team. Did anyone brief them so they can be prepared for the influx of calls?

Cross-party planning will not only help to launch a cohesive well executed campaign launch, but it will also help teams to share ideas, knowledge and feel part of the bigger ‘team’.



            Virgin: Broadband, Home Hub and Wifi all carry the same imagery wrapped up into one Media package. The visual use of a celebrity has more impact, but even on a cheaper budget the same effect can be achieved. 

x7 Rule

They say we have to see a message or brand identity up to seven times before it registers and we would consider making a purchase, so think about all seven departments going out at the same time, each with same identity, message, offer and call to action – it would mean you get your seven hits sooner.And its fine if all seven campaigns carry a slightly differing offer – this just demonstrates your diversity – but the core message is still present. So next time you are launching a campaign.. wander over to the other teams around you and see how working together you can each benefit form a greater impact.


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