How can interactive video marketing help your business?

Interactive video content

Video marketing has been increasingly used for years now, adding a real insight into your business, services and personality (Brand identity).

We’re seeing an increase in videos on social media, websites, and blogs.

But as we move through 2019 we’ll start seeing additional changes in the way video is consumed. The next new thing –  interactive videos.

See an example here at:

As the video plays, users have a chance to move the image around using the mouse, so you can see more than just what the camera is pointing at. In manufacturing this tool is used to show production lines, in gyms they can show all the equipment and facilities, and in small businesses they can showcase events or document meetings to share with the staff, or local towns to highlight their top attractions.

You can start using interactive videos for all other purposes I mentioned earlier:

  • email
  • website
  • social media
  • blog

The idea behind interactive videos is to increase engagement:


They perform better than regular videos. There is a greater chance that people will finish watching a 360-degree video and you’ll get a higher return on your investment.

Many people we have spoken to believe that 360-degree videos are more exciting than traditional video formats.

And 90% of people say content is better when it can be viewed with a 360-degree view. It should be no surprise that 360 videos have a click-through rate eight times greater than that of traditional videos.

Furthermore, 70% of marketers say interactive videos have had a positive impact on their businesses.

Audiences are 65% more likely to interact with a 360-degree video.

Given these numbers, we’ll see more of this content in the coming years, starting now.

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