How we can help you to keep focused on your business

So when the whole world has gone into a spin and you don’t know which way is up, take a moment and STOP whatever you are doing and take a breath.

Business on hold?

For many small businesses who are not sure when they can reopen, and for those offering a service or selling goods online but are finding people can’t afford them or have any inclination to get in touch, it’s really hard to know what to do for the best.

Some things you definitely should NOT do is (a) nothing, and (b) reduce your prices. Why?


If you do nothing, your brand awareness will dip away and you will not be forefront of peoples mind when things do pick up again (and they will!). You need to find ways to come at it from a different angle. Can you offer hints and tips, share testimonials, review your web and social content, do some analysis on past activity, write some blogs, create some innovative content and try your hand at making videos and gifs.


And why reduce your price? You still offer the same great value, years of experience and quality products..they have not changed or become less valuable. And if you can suddenly give something away for less then why will people pay full price going forward? What you have to show now is ‘worth’. What can you offer that is worth more now to businesses that are struggling to find the motivation themselves?

GET CREATIVE (and I don’t mean take up art)

If you can’t promote your usual product or service, why not look at your team qualities and experience you can share. What ‘added value’ do you normally give but never think to talk about? Point out all the benefits you provide and what comfort you bring them? Showcase your full range of services and benefits in a different way. And make it amusing or fun, and engaging so they can feel there is a connection and they can join in. A quiz for a prize of a courtesy consultancy/service/goods. That way you are not giving it away, merely reminding them of how they can secure your support later on.


No one is suggesting you have to be at your desk 9-5 Monday to is not like that at the moment, but do try and make some time – any time – to keep focused, motivated and to feel you are at least doing something. Maybe one hour a day, or every other day.


Keep checking in with your Facebook and LinkedIn groups for industry updates, reach out to suppliers and like-minded companies to help each other, and don’t beat yourself up for not being at it all day long. Enjoy family time, take the opportunity to learn a new skill or research that thing you’ve been meaning to do far ages… Google Garage have a number of courses online to keep your skills up, as well as all the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Seek out new contacts and start to warm them up as part of your sales funnel, (you know this takes time so why not start now?).

Keep in touch with those who matter


I’m not going to sit here and tell you we can do it all for you. But what we can do is be a sounding board for you, we are at the end of a phone if you want to ask questions or kick some ideas around, and if you need more help with your marketing tools we can do that too. What we want is to keep our entrepreneurs and business owners motivated and focused so you can springboard your business when the time it right..

Good luck, and remember..just a little bit each day is better than nothing at all.

See you on the other side, Pauline x

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