Public Relations


Public Relations

So PR is one of those grey areas which most businesses know they need, but are not really sure what it is or how you achieve it.

PR (Public or Press Relations) are actually made up of a number of things, including:

  • communications between you and your customers and the wider public
  • promotions of services or products in a communicative and engaging manner
  • building positive reputations
  • influencers with field of media
  • getting press or radio coverage at local or national level
  • sponsorship of an event to be seen supporting it
  • media relations (having good connections with TV and radio stations as a “go-to” voice of authority in your field
  • nominations for industry accolades/awards
  • events management
  • podcasts
  • public speaking at events
  • being a nominated training centre for all manner of subjects

Essentially anything that falls outside of your tangible and traditional media channels falls to the PR team. Press releases are written by the PR Dept with contributions from across a business, but then it is their job to get it out there and for an editor to be interested in running it. You may hear the term ‘hook’ which is what makes it interesting, relevant and unique. Next there is the ‘so what?’ element to get over, and lastly ‘WIIFM?’ which means what will the readers get out of it?

It can take many months – or even years for some – to get to a point where after providing press releases over and over then editors will eventually be coming to YOU for ideas and input.

When you are doing your content planning it is worth thinking how you may be able to run an article via your digital media but also running it through traditional media too. It would need writing in a slightly different way for editors, but the content can be reused!

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