Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Since the influx of different social media platforms and many of them design to predominantly appeal to the 14-25 age groups, if you are considering using social media as part of your marketing mix, then it really is important to choose which ones to use wisely. At Ringmaster Marketing we have worked with many businesses who have mistakenly felt they should be everywhere, every day, and spend hours on posting and uploading ‘stuff’ which actually is not necessary.

Which social media platform should I be on?

For ‘visual’ businesses such as the arts, food, leisure, music etc then image based platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are perfect choices, for B2B then LinkedIn and Facebook company pages are better. For general B2C then we would recommend still using your website as your key focus point, but to use Facebook to create a relationship/community within your customer arena, twitter to point people to your website or Facebook pages, and YouTube for multi-media options. If you are trying to reach, engage and start a conversation with a younger audience (ie festivals, events, subscriptions) then Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube have a mass appeal and are therefore a good route to market. Twitter is then your way of reaching a mass audience to point them to the more detailed pages.


And how often should I post?

ONLY post when it is interesting, relevant, unique and timely, but NEVER post for the sake of it otherwise people will start to skip your messages.

What should I post about?

So this can be anything and everything – if it meets the criteria above. So it can be company updates, product or service news, new or special offers, staff/team achievements, community news, and anything that will appeal to your target audience and will allow them to see you as an authority in your field.  Posts should always be intended to start a two way conversation, so just saying “We…We…We…” can quickly turn people off. But if you pose a question, ask for feedback, start a chat which will escalate within peer groups then you have cracked it!

And what about Facebook ads, Twitter and LinkedIn ads?

All of these platforms have an ability to place adverts, and you can do this fairly easily within a budget, but this will soon eat up your money, so it is worth considering Paid Ads on other sites where you know your audience hang out.  So if you are selling Fish & Chips, you will have your own website with SEO, a Facebook page detailing where you catch your fish, maybe a bit about sustainability, photos of premises, menus and photos of visitors, and photos on Pinterest, but your Paid adverts could be on other fast food or takeaway pages, on theatre pages to attract pre-show diners, or on taxi, bus and train pages for people travelling home late and so on.

As with any marketing, test on different mediums, mix it up and try paid ads to support organic growth and see what works best for you.

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