Testimonials from our clients

Sara Gavillet, Deafonics Festival “Pauline has been instrumental in increasing my whole vision from Social Media, leading, nurturing and more. I am continuously impressed with her level of professional service and consider Pauline a key marketing partner in helping me drive my business. She is not only proactive and responsive, her attention to detail, her reasonable costs are outstanding. She makes my job easier, I hired Pauline because it makes me, and my business look good. Pauline is a true extension and a very valued partner.” Martin Bloomfield, Bloomfield Digital “I worked with Ringmaster Marketing on a recent video production for a financial industries client of hers. 

Pauline oversaw the project from beginning to end with a close eye to detail. Well, you have to for all the rules and regulations in that industry. From the first draft of the scripts, day of recording and visual contents on the video she had a clear idea of what was required. 

She was flexible enough to take advice and adopt one or two suggestion on the final production itself. 

I would highly recommend Pauline, who is friendly and very amenably.” Steven Antram, Antrams Financial Services “Pauline was recommended to me by Ken Ozanne. We engaged Ringmaster Marketing’s services to carry out marketing work to re-brand and bring documents that we used regularly into a more user friendly format for both our Clients and Partners. Pauline worked with a number of the Antrams team to develop and deliver the re-brand and revamp in a timely and professional manner and with great success. I have no doubts that Pauline would do a great job for any firm that employed her services.” Mark Robinson “Pauline is a great person to work with who definitely knows her stuff and would be an asset to any business.” Ken Ozanne, Ken Ozanne Ltd “I am happy to recommend Pauline and her team at Ringmaster Marketing as someone who can really make in a difference in the way a business is perceived.” Bob Pankhania, Pinchos y Tapas Restaurant “The team worked closely with us and developed a thorough action plan to re-launch our business to a new audience. Pauline was tenacious and ensured everything ran on time and within budget. Her ideas and friendly approach made it a pleasure to work with her.” Alex Hyslop, Hardiflon Group “Pauline was a pleasure to work with, always professional and delivered punctually on numerous projects. The brief was to provide updated marketing from social media platforms through to developing a greater online presence. Thankful for her time in our business and she met the challenge face on.” Scott Winterberg, Spitfire Creative “A talent for making things happen, Pauline’s thorough approach to marketing ensures a timely 360 delivery of activities for any given client. A joy to work with!”

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