What makes a Brand?

What makes a brand?

When it comes to bringing all the elements of your business together, creating a brand your target audience will resonate with is what counts. But what makes a brand? Let’s dispel the biggest myth – it is not just a logo. Putting branding on just about everything will count for nothing if that image cannot be linked to great products and great service.

Finding your niche and ensuring everything you do represents your ethos is what will really help your audience form a positive impression of your brand. By using consistency as the cornerstone of everything from customer service to marketing and even tone of voice, you will establish a brand that a logo will come to represent.

Instant Brand Recognition

Product consistency

By ensuring your products and services meet the expectations of your customers, you can enhance your reputation and brand. If you sell online, use product templates to ensure each item is displayed consistently. Make it easy for website visitors to do business with you and ensure they are rewarded for their loyalty.

Customer service

Your customer service, including delivery times if you are in the ecommerce space, is crucial to creating a brand people will trust. Consider your customer journey, including how you deal with enquiries. For example, if you sell high-end goods, an automated online-only service is not going to cut it. Your customers will expect to be able to speak to a real person.

Marketing and branding

The messages you convey in your marketing say a lot about your brand. By using a consistent tone of voice, along with your logo, you can help people to quickly identify with what you do. Positive messages promote positive responses, including better engagement, so try to highlight the benefits of your products and services rather than simply focussing on price.

Examples of good branding

While many marketing experts will urge you to ensure your business name reflects the brand image you want to create, that doesn’t mean you can’t think out of the box. When Jeff Bezos created Amazon very few people would have linked the name to a global ecommerce marketplace. Of course, now it is synonymous with buying just about anything online. So long as you can bring every part of your business together to create the right brand image, you can succeed.

Take a look at Monzo, Storybook Cosmetics and Just Water.

A good brand is good in every area of the business. Remember that and you will create the right brand for your ideal customer.

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