When is a sales funnel not a funnel?

When its straight forward common sense! As with ANY relationship there are elements of introductions, getting to know someone and trusting your instincts as to whether you want to have anything to do with them…

The same goes for businesses and customers. There needs to be ‘means’ and ‘motivation’ to take it further. Here are some simple stages that if you stick to them will reap rewards for new business and retention:

IDENTIFY: Find your audience..what do they look like, where do they hang out? Look at geographic, age, gender, behaviours, connections, interests, lifetime values, demographics. What do your current customers look like – find look-alikes.


GRAB ATTENTION: Whats your offer/service/USP and how can you create an eye-catching post or article to make them want to know more? Action needs to be able to be taken immediately as once they go off your page you might never see them again.

Gist or incentive

BUILD RELATIONSHIP: Acknowledge that you understand them..know what they want..know their pain points and create something they want or need. It maybe you offer a discount, or a service, a guide or hand out – extra value items – or ask for their feedback or survey to pull them in. It doesn’t always have to be about the initial sell.

FOLLOW-UP/NURTURE: Capture email address and create regular interesting and relevant newsletters or emails to show benefits of what you have to offer. Stay front of mind, make suggestions and recommendations on how they might use this product or service. Show diversity and always put their needs first. Ask them to recommend you and create a higher retention rate in doing so.

CLOSE THE SALE: Give options on how to purchase, payment types, clear delivery expectations. Create a Customer Journey to include Thank you/delivery/payment/follow-up/feedback/reviews..and then Upsell or Cross sell your other services or products. Think of companies like Amazon who do this really well. No sooner have you made your purchase than they are suggesting the next. And we don’t take offence, we think, “Hey that’s useful”.


A simple Thank you goes a long way to making a customer feel valued.

If you would like help to create a way to identify, engage and sell to your customers in a proven and methodical way, then please get in touch with Ringmaster Marketing on 07508 467866 and we shall be happy to help you through this process.

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