Why your marketing strategy needs Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content is good for your website because it never dates. It is most often a resource that will resonate with your audience for many years. And it is important for your site’s SEO too.

Search engines like content that has a long shelf life, and they can detect it. The benefits of investing in this type of resource can include a better website ranking, more traffic, and leads. It works best if used in addition to topical content.

But what is Evergreen Content?

Here are some examples of what is not considered evergreen:

> Blogs or features about certain times of the year, i.e. Christmas, or the seasons.

> Articles about specific events, including holidays.

> Content that focusses on any type of process subject to change or that is time-sensitive.

In a nutshell – anything that will date. This includes topics on current trends and news features.

Examples of content that will help your website include:

>Detailed “how-to” guides

>Helpful lists

>Expert tips

>Video tutorials


To be effective, the content must be relevant to your audience and give them valuable information. If you are not including video (for example a how-to feature with a step-by-step video demonstration), you should use images that reflect the topic and, preferably, be original. If you can, show the reader how they can do something with photographs.

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Make sure your content is in-depth and doesn’t just skim over a topic. This way, it will be more valuable than content on a similar subject already online. Remember, search engines like detailed features. Consider articles of 1,200 to 1,500 words and never include any form of self-promotion. Google can detect sales copy disguised as something else.

Ideas to get you started

If you are stuck for ideas, here are some tips to get you going:

Think of your industry. What do you sell? For example, if you work in the food business, you may want to consider sharing recipes or information about which wines complement certain foods. Those in the finance or accountancy sectors could share money-saving tips. People who sell office equipment or supplies could focus on how people can stay organised at work, keep their desk tidy or better manage their time.

If your website can help people achieve something, like save money, learn a new skill or help them do something better, it will be relevant. Just remember to avoid technical terms and keep your explanations simple, so that everyone can understand them.

The role of reviews

In this context, we are not talking about reviews of your business. We are referring to reviews of products linked to your industry. For example, if you work in the print business, you may want to consider writing a review about an every-day item that is unlikely to be superseded by technology. Consider a review on a type of paper, ink or product style – and don’t forget to include a keyword.

SEO and evergreen content

The best forms of evergreen content are based on a specific topic. They don’t go wide. Drill down your data to give the reader a comprehensive insight. When writing a headline, check to see what search engines currently return for your ideas and try to avoid using a headline that is already out there. If you are writing a how-to guide, changing just one or two words could make the world of difference.

For example, if you are writing about how to keep your desk tidy avoid ‘5 tips’. Look how many are already online. Consider ‘101 ways to keep your office desk tidy’.

Use your keyword in the headline, in the first sentence, two or three times naturally in body text and in at least one subheading. If your content exceeds 4-500 words, you can use it more – but avoid over-use.

Don’t forget to include internal linking, preferably to another article on your website, and an external link to a reliable source.

Long-lasting content that will never lose its appeal should be part of your marketing strategy. When used alongside other forms of content, it will deliver SEO benefits and generate leads.

If you want ideas on how to create evergreen content for your website, contact us to arrange a time to suit.