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Pauline Baker founder Ringmaster Marketing
Founder Pauline Baker

Having started my Marketing career in the hedonistic days of the late 80’s, starting in PR and Event Management, life was a blast! Long days, late nights, celebrity guests and a generous expense account. founder

But then the landscape changed and companies were clawing back and diverting their efforts to more traditional marketing, so I cut my teeth on direct marketing, direct mail & print, working within an agency on some pretty meaty accounts. This gave me an excellent basis for all other roles I have had since.

Working for an international company on DM, data segmentation and customer journeys made me think about the consumer experience (UX) both offline and online. This, along with the importance of ensuring all teams are working in a synchronised way and not in silos. TV, outdoor, press and radio advertising completed the mix.

In the technical age of Generation Y, the need for constantly updating customers has led to the unprecedented rise in the use of websites, email, social media and guerrilla marketing (think Flash-Mobs).  Websites need regular rich content to keep consumers coming back to visit – your shop window to the world must keep moving in line with it and have the capability to track visits, response and to be built with ecommerce functions.

Pauline Baker

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So now I am using my experience to help businesses review, refine and refresh their brand, messaging & channels to increase customer numbers.

To book an appointment for me to come and visit your premises, email me on pauline@ringmastermarketing.co.uk.

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